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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  September 25, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". kerry: you could say the weather will be defined for the pope's visit. mike woods has the complete forecast coming. forecast coming. ben: the pope's visit to st. patrick's cathedral is memorable. the people of new york city. kerry: the holy father addressing the united nations general assembly. we will take you there live. in the forget about taking a horse-drawn carriage in central park today, they will not be allowed. because of all the crowds. kerry: a lot of crowds day.
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will join us in the next hour. ben: it is friday morning september 25th. beautiful day yesterday. looks like another beautiful day today and we need it because it will be busy around town. >> meteorologist: lots going on as long as we can avoid the rain fall. it does look like that will be the case, good morning and high temperatures pretty impressive, 82 degrees in central park as well as alantown. newark 78, 6, 80 degrees high temperature in islip, 81 in poughkeepsie, nice sunny dry day yesterday, things start to change up a middle bit here, now your temperature drops down to 66 to 68 in the 4:00 hour, 67 and newark, 54 in monticello, temperatures more moderated, even around the tristate and warmer for most of a sparsely because of the cloud cover that
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northeast at 9 miles per hour, 10 miles per hour winds from minorities, low pressure to the south of us going to bring in those winds, a key bet on a lighter side that clouds rolling into town so it will not be one of those sunny beautiful warm days like we had the last couple but it will be on the mild side with the addition of cloud cover that. the low pressure i am speaking of is indeed bringing in a bit of rain to the carolinas north and south carolina heading to the mid-atlantic region and looks like it wants to head this wave of high pressure has a fairly firm grip on the weather in the northeast keeping us nice and dry. a few clouds being allowed in and that is what we're going to see, that should be it, rainfall not expected to be a challenge as we go through the first half of the weekend. by sunday clubs should be
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the day and eventually could see showers, future cast not impressed at all with the area of low pressure not bring in as much of anything, basically to the south of us, sunny skies or mostly sunny skies today, 70 by midday, 73 for the ride home and the next five or seven days, 72 tomorrow, 72 on sunday and 76 on monday when we have a chance showers in the area, dries out and warms up for you. now is time to get ines, everyone is focused on you because we have all sorts of closures, we need to know where they are. ines: a lot have to do with the pope in town and some of us go to work, whitesnow and crossneck bridge, new jersey and the turnpike nothing going on. construction set up west bound by the bronx river parkway slowing everyone down, east bound for the bruckner you are fine.
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talk about the pope's visit, 72 street closed, will remain closed until later:00 in the morning saturday, fifth avenue shutdown between 74th and that perimeter clothes from 5 to madison avenue, want to avoid that. buses will be diverted to 79th street and the united nations stopping by. be closures are going to be going on until the session is over, 4:00 or so, first avenue, the exit to 42 street and 48, that is the perimeter, that is close, 9/11 memorial from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. that is when he will be there but the closure in place, the 9/11 memorial closures in place, they will shutdown west street, west street will be closed southbound from murray street to be under pass along with the northbound side of the possible. madison square garden tonight,
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midnight, some streets and down like 30 and 31st street but after 12:00 this afternoon they will lead to the entire closures there and the central park procession going on in the middle of all that, central park west, central park south of 79, the area will be secure, central park west, 65th street transfers will be close of buses will be diverted to 59th street, trains doing fine, subways are running, if there is overcrowding they need to shutdown, that didn't happen yesterday. ben: just after 5:00 the pope apparently usually gets up by this time. she is reportedly already up getting ready for a very busy day. kerry: his first trip to new york city is memorable already. let's go to teresa priolo live this morning from outside the
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papal residence on the side. >> reporter: good morning everyone. a lot of action outside the papal residence. i am sure this would wake him up. is residence is right behind me and 72 and madison shed down this morning to accommodate the pope. he has the very busy day ahead, five different events, a popular pontiff arrived yesterday afternoon in spectacular fashion and quickly showed why he is so adored. it was an arrival that was simply divine. pope francis warmly welcomed by thousands of adoring faithful pressed against metal barriers along fifth avenue. accompanied by archbishop timothy cardinal dolan and greeted by new york's governor senior senator and new york city's mayor, the pope and his st. patrick's for the sunset prayer service and suddenly stopped to bask in its magnificence. he was officially deemed a new yorker by cardinal dolan. as he greeted the crowd pope
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francis pay particular attention to the young, the old and the disabled. he used his homily to encourage a life of service to the disadvantage. he did what has not been done in some time, he thanked the women of the church. >> what would the church be without you? women of strength, fighters with that spirit of courage to you. religious women, sisters and mothers of his people, wish to say thank-you. >> reporter: the arrival of the holy father has been anticipated for months. at his touch down at jfk some 200 people greeted him with tears, waving flags and presents which made the popes. his presence alone a blessing. >> kissed me on the forehead and gave me a pancake and gave me a hug. >> reporter: his infinite fiat arriving at the papal residence
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before dawn to started jam packed david takes him from the united nations to ground zero and madison square garden. when he left st. patrick's cardinal dolan said come back again soon, that can't happen this trip because he has so much of this stuff going on. from here he will go a few avenues east and a few more south to the u.n.. he is due at 8:30 this morning so we expect he will be leaving from 7:45, 8:00, we hope to get a glimpse of him. that is the latest this morning, back to both of you. kerry: thank you. the pope will be addressing the un general assembly this morning. ben: this comes one day after he addressed a joint meeting of congress in washington. he is showing he is not one to shy away from political issues. robert moses is live outside the >> reporter: good morning.
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the pope is supposed to arrive at 8:30 as you mentioned. he will spend two hours here. the culmination of his visit to the un will be the half-hour address which begins at 10:20. already the holy father has shown he is someone who can transcend borders and politics. this morning pope francis becomes the fourth pope to address the united nations. the holy father is expected to discuss climate change, peace. his friend says his holiness has great respect for the institution of the you and. >> you would like to speak as much as he could to give this kind of a message so that the whole world might in some way change for the better. >> pope francis is expected to address the same issues discussed yesterday before a joint session of congress. >> mr. speaker, the pope of the holy see. >> reporter: the pope called for the abolishment of the death
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penalty, discussed the need to protect the planet and said immigrants are key part of our society. >> we the people of this continent's are not fearful of foreigners because lots of us. [applause] >> because most of us were once foreigners. >> reporter: she didn't explicitly talk about abortion he made his opposition clear when he cited the golden rule. >> the golden rule, also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development. >> reporter: members of congress interrupted the vote frequently with applause and standing ovations. as an emotional david john boehner who dabbed tears from his eyes.
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the holy father walked on to the speaker's balcony of the capital to thunderous applause. >> thank you, thank you very much, god bless america. >> the holy father will depart the un at 11:00 and will head downtown to the 9/11 memorial and the museum wary will not only meet with 9/11 families but will also preside over a prayer service there. that is the latest from the east side. ben: what is going to be a very busy location, thank you very much. to central park, offenses are up but the horse drawn carriages are out. carriage ride through the park suspended today because of the pope's visit. his itinerary includes a procession through the famed green space this evening at 5:00 and do to, quote, anticipated large crowds of people expected
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carriages are banned from 10:00 until 8:00 tonight. for continuing coverage of the pope's visit head to, our new web site is great or you and download the news apps on your phone or tablet, simply search and the apple apps store or google play. much more still to come including a rescue at sea involving a cooler bear. kerry: mike is keeping track of the forecasts. >> meteorologist: a little bit of a change, high clouds making a come back, sunshine, high clouds will be filtering out a little bit and temperatures i going to be cooler as well, without sunshine, if you want daily and hourly forecasts you can get that from the weather apps. download at the apple itunes store, it is there for free and break it all down for you.
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you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh ben: dummies in new high resolution thomes of pluto, dramatic colors, mountain range appears to be gray and blue, close-up shot, is baffled because they're trying to figure out why the landscape looks like a snake skin or scales of a dragon.
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these images were taken by the rise in spacecraft but nasa only release the yesterday. kerry: we have not very busy day today, the pope is in town. how is the weather going to be? ben: we need rain but not today. >> meteorologist: a lot of folks, going on outdoors, we should take the day off. looks like we were in great shape, it is weight to the south. temperatures are milder this morning but later in that afternoon will be cooler because we have more clouds out there too. here is what we have, 66 central park, poughkeepsie 55, 61 in bridgeport, 63 in montauk, n.y. checked in at 67, most of us milder than we normally see, winds from the northeast at 3 to 10 miles per hour, not a lot of wind but pretty persistent and generally when you get northeast wind it does keep us a little
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with that, northeast wind of of the atlantic waters keeping temperatures at a moderate range, we have additional cloud cover outside the this is mainly mid and high level clouds in the area so all that does is serve to filter out the sunshine, here is where the more significant about covers with showers down in the southeast and minuteman to regions. this area of low pressure showers continue to come down through the state of north carolina and south carolina and it looks like it wants to drift in this direction but because the high pressure is on top of us we will see drier skies for a little while longer so since of timber for is how much rain have we seen, just under an inch and a half and that means just about an inch, 1.9 one inches, an inch and a half behind and for the years in january 1st just under 29 inches of rain and starting to get closer to being bought and eight inches of rain some moderate drought we have we need the rain fall but it is not in
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the cards, high pressure is sitting on top of as helping to keep things to the south, they have some soggy weather in the carolinas and virginia but as it tries to give to the north high pressure blocks and out so it is a chess game if you will and showers to make a little push into the area, not so much early isn't a butler isn't the entombment a with a better chance will come at rainfall but today high clouds, high temperatures 75 degrees, a little less sunshine, decent drop from yesterday, 72 tomorrow, same thing sunday, showers and late sunday into monday but that is the only one in the 7 day forecast and that is it. let's show you this is one of those wonderful days. >> street cleaning rules suspended for religious observances, meters remain in effect, problems in new jersey 287 northbound approaching exit 30, watch out for an accident
5:19 am
if you are traveling on long island's suffolk county no problems lie northern state 7 statements that. there's a problem on the lie in queens, an accident by queens boulevard causing this delay, you can see brake lights moving the camera around, there's an accident eastbound, the brake lights, traffic jam already this morning, cross bronx low, two things going on, west bound by the bronx river parkway you are fine, eastbound traffic a bit sluggish, i know the camera shot is blurry but you see the delay, construction going on, two lanes blocked and in the construction zone you have a stall, 495 towards the lincoln tunnel looking good and the holland and george washington bridge no problems approaching the bridge. ben: a deadly collision on a seattle bridge between a duck boat and a charter bus, four people have been killed, another 51 injured. witnesses say the vehicles were
5:20 am
it swerved and collided with the charter bus basically t. bone it, the bus was carrying international students from north seattle college to a new student orientation. the ntsb is investigating. >> reporter: president obama and vladimir putin will meet in new york monday, white house press and terry josh ernest says ukraine will be a, quote, top item for president obama caught, so will the ongoing serious crisis. it will be the first face-to-face meeting in nearly a year after strongly troubled relations between russia and the u.s.. ben: incredible video shows boaters helping save a polar bear entangled in a fishing net. the majestic bears, when they spotted this one saving of the bear was not easy, they first had to call biologists who tranquilize the animal before dragging it to shore and untangled it, it was released into the wild. hopefully will be okay. kerry: at the san diego zoo
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ben: another hurdle past for the hudson river rail tunnel from new york to new jersey, the state senate unanimously approved a plan by governor cuomo and chris christie to get the fed to pay for part of the projects, they asked president obama for federal grant to the fourth half of the $20 billion cost, not cheap. the two states and the airport authority would somehow picaresque. kerry: amazon is cutting the price of its popular amazon prime service. instead of the standard $99 a 1-year subscription will cost $67. prime members get access to amazon's instant video and music services as well as standards we did a shipping. y $67? to celebrate amazon's original show transparent which won five andes at 67th annual emmy awards. amazon is getting ready to
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premiere several regionals including a new motoring show by former host of top ear. ben: ag dominates in the octagon and is moving up the ranks of business as well. fortune magazine, one of the 40 under 40, the most influential young people in business today, the 20-year-old stock comes in at no. 40 on the list, she is undefeated in all of the fighting and has appeared in several movies and will play the lead in a roadhouse remake, she is said to fight australian front of what will likely be the largest ever audience. kerry: we have all your top stories when we come back.
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>> from fox 5 news is "good day wake-up". ben: you could say today's weather is heavenly. you could say that. just perfect for the pope who
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will be in town, mike woods did his best, his son they a tire on, pulls out all the stops to make it a beautiful day, beautiful weekend, details coming up in his forecasts. kerry: the pope heading around town every day, ines rosales has more on the road closures you need to know. ben: first stop the united nations, 8:30, three hours from now, several issues you would like to address with world leaders, you're looking at video of him addressing congress yesterday. kerry: madonna gives the pope urged blessing late last night. leica prayer. you call my name like a prayer. maybe a little later. ben: i am ben simmoneau. kerry: i am kerry drew. juliet huddy joining us. thanks for joining us. ben: mike woods is here. if there was a day we needed nice weather all year this is
5:28 am
a lot of these events, tens of thousands of people throughout the city. >> meteorologist: it is going to be, looks pretty good, not as nice as the last couple days in terms of sunshine but it actually will be very comfortable because temperatures are warmer than normal and the sun won't be as intense. here is what is out there now, the sun doesn't come up until 6:35, 66 degrees, mostly cloudy at central park high clouds we have any area not a big deal at all, 67 and newark, 61 in bridgeport, 55 in poughkeepsie, temperature changes everyone is warmer, 1 degree warmer in montauk and 11 degrees warmer than it was 21 hours ago in newark, 4 degrees at central park, here you see on their radar satellite over the northeast region clouds coming in to town, high clouds primarily here but anything that produces rain is way to the south over virginia into the
5:29 am
tristate, we will be dry again, high clouds in the area but temperatures ramp up to 75 degrees by 3:00 p.m. some of the events don't look bad at all, 72 tomorrow, high clouds in the area, next chance of rain monday when the pope is gone. let's see what is going on, see what happens with roads, hopefully the rails say -- ines: street cleaning rules are suspended for religious observances. meters remain in effect and a couple problems. we had an accident in new jersey by exit 30 that is cleared away. westchester fine, no problems of of the tappan zee bridge to the saw mill, for way or across westchester, long island expressway in queens a bit of a problem, eastbound approaching queens boulevard traffic moving slow, a little blurry but you see brake lights close to reach other, accident blocking two
5:30 am
the cross bronx moving better than before, isn't delays but all lanes have been reopened, construction by the bronx parkway west about blocking two lanes, cleared away, a little time and do will ease up, he's down no problems at all. trains on or close to schedule this morning. kerry: the pope has the very busy day ahead of him. ben: it follows a hectic day yesterday, he addressed congress in washington d.c. to breakdown fifth avenue in midtown. teresa priolo is live outside the papal residence on the upper east side. we understand he may be awake. >> reporter: potentially. if he didn't wake up on his own i imagine all the commotion out here would likely have woken him up. good morning to both of you, an exciting day on the upper east side. the polk is awake or just waking up. behind me the papal residence, 72 and madison and look of the
5:31 am
police presence we have here, this place is on lock down as the pope stays here. to keep in place. let's hope he got a good night's sleep, he will see his holiness on travels from the united nations to ground zero, a school in harlem and we can't forget the map at madison square garden, a grueling schedule but this is the man who is happy to be in a new york state of mind, and higher state of mind and new yorkers have welcomed him with open arms from the moment he touched down at jfk up fifth avenue. what a dichotomy, simple men in simple clothing who has devoted his life to the poor, taking this almost parade up one of the wealthiest and menus that it avenue is and to st. patrick's cathedral which has undergone a 77 million-dollar restoration, he gave evening prayers and let's take a quick lesson to his homily.
5:32 am
throughout it he made specific mention of the port, the disadvantaged and thanked the women of the church. take a listen. >> what would the church be without you? women of strength, fighters with that spirit of courage to you. religious and women, sisters and mothers of the people that wished to say thank you. >> reporter: that is something that has not happened in a very long time that a church leader would publicly thank the nuns for their work. the pope was declared an dolan, the second of the stepped in to st. patrick's cathedral, also said to him make sure you come back again soon. can't do that until the wraps up this trip and a lot going on, the upper east side at 7:45 or 8:00 and make a quick trip to the united nations. that is the latest on the upper east side.
5:33 am
back to both of you. ben: thank you very much. the pope not one to shy away from political issues, he makes his opinions known. kerry: he addressed congress and will double for the united assembly. that is where robert moses is live this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the pope is due at the un at 8:30 this morning. all told he will spend two hours inside. a half-hour address to the you encumbrances precisely at 10:20, he will become the fourth pope to address the un on of visit to the united states. we expect him to address some of the same themes he talked about yesterday in congress like climate change and immigration among other topics. that speech in congress yesterday was nothing short of extraordinary. addressed the joint session of congress. the speech was interrupted by
5:34 am
standing ovations and applause, john boehner was quite emotional throughout the day often dabbing tears from his eyes. the only father called for the abolishment of the death penalty around world and good stewardship of our planet and called for the humane treatment of immigrants. >> i say this to you as a son of immigrants knowing that so many of you are also descendants of immigrants. [applause] >> reporter: you heard that got a rousing round of applause from those that were gathered there at congress. the un is the first stop today foley father. is a busy day as you heard teresa sad. after this you will head downtown to the 9/11 memorial
5:35 am
and museum. he is also due in harlem, he will go through central park and culminate in the day at madison square garden. that is the latest from the un. back to you. ben: robert moses outside the you and. for continuing coverage of the pope's visit head to or download the news search and the apple apps store or google play. kerry: time to check with mike woods for a check of the forecast. will weather be cooperating? a lot of people will be outside. >> meteorologist: we are quite lucky, and might as well give you the forecasts during the pope's visit, here is what it looks like as we go out the door at 9:00 this morning, 66 degrees, high clouds out there basically throughout the day and temperatures cooler but not bad for this time of year, 70 by noon, 3:00 p.m. 70 degrees, 72 for the ride home, keeping the
5:36 am
south but not on top of us, 66 and for par, 55 degrees in poughkeepsie, we already have high clouds making a come back so remember the sunshine we had the last couple days, that is not the case today because this area of low pressure is forcing high cloudiness in our direction but the rainmakers stay near the carolinas and the mid-atlantic region, high pressure wins in terms of keeping precip out of our neck of the woods, not as warm, high clouds are out so keep that in mind, it filters the sun, partly cloudy tonight and cool with flows from 48 to 60 and the next five days 70 is your high tomorrow, 72 sunday, a few more clouds, showers are possible on monday, keep that in mind. the weather apps as daily and hourly forecasts available for you, download at the apple itunes store and google play store, it is good, it is free. let's see what we have, try to
5:37 am
get around town. ines: east bound by queens boulevard two lanes are blocked on the west bound side you are fine, your commute in connecticut doing fine, 95 corridor especially southbound, norwalk traveling northbound, let's take a look at first avenue by the united nations, 42 st. the tunnel under task closed but expect closures especially with the pope visiting. here is what you should expect, 72 street, already closed, will remain closed until 8:00 in the morning, buses will be diverted to 79th street if they are heading to the west. fifth avenue from 72 and 74th, fifth and madison, that is closed and you want to avoid, the united nations, robert will be there a:00, 8:30 until 11:00, closures will be in place throughout the session which includes first avenue, 48th street toward fdr drive, the
5:38 am
pope will make his way to the 9/11 memorial so that will be shutdown, already closed as of midnight and between 11:00, and 1:00 p.m. more street closures in place, right now the 9/11 memorial closed, west street will be closed southbound by mary street towards battery park, they closed the northbound, and madison square garden, a lot at midnight tonight. and 79th street towards 59th street, fifth avenue, 65th street transfers will be closed. as far as subways best way to get around town they are not planning to cancel any subway service but if they need to they may shutdown to stop because of overcrowding conditions. yesterday fifth avenue
5:39 am
of people are happy with the traffic. ben: might not be as bad as we think a lot of people will stay out of their cars. >> reporter: a combination of those. and it is a beautiful day. ben: much more to come, the iphone users have been waiting including myself avalanche newest film hitting store shelves. >> "good day" coming right up. they with us. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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ben: let's check the headlines. universities have stripped bill cosby of honoraria degrees that were once given to him amid the sexual assault allegations that have been made against the comedian. kerry: the epa wants to make sure that the cheating scandal never happens again, major changes to the way it tests for diesel emissions. ben: the apple iphone 6s and 6s plus on your doorstep review pre order it, sales are expected to be red hot, analysts expect 12 to 13 million phones will be sold this weekend. kerry: is going to be tough getting around town. ben: especially midtown but
5:42 am
side, east harlem. liz dahlem is outside madison square garden where the roads will be closed starting around lunchtime today. >> reporter: it will be a busy day in front of madison square garden where the pope will deliver mass later this evening and two important notes for commuters. lot of people are wondering if penn station will be shutdown at all because of the pope's entrance, the answer is no. will stay open but only two entrances will be accessible. the one on 34th and seventh avenue and directly on 7th avenue at 32 street, commuters should certainly keep that in mind, the doors will open at 2:00 this afternoon but some of those road closures in place around midnight. some of the streets around madison square garden will be locked down ahead of the evening papal mass, 31 to 34th street will have periodic closures
5:43 am
railroad is having eight extra penn station bound trains this evening to move people to the mass, other pockets of the city will have significant closures due to the pope's agenda, streets around the united nations, the 9/11 memorial and museum, where the pope will be visiting a pool and the area of central park west. the city could be tough to get around but are ok with it. >> most important man in a world, and doesn't bother me much. >> we would get around 5:00, hopefully not too bad. >> it will begin at 6:00 tonight and thousands of people will stay in place 30 minutes after the pope leaves, at 8:00
5:44 am
back inside to you. kerry: madonna dedicated her song to pope francis during a concert in philadelphia. >> reporter: the gesture was part of her material girl giving an endorsement during his first visit to the u.s.. she an ounce during the show that rules are for fools, unlike the new pope, he seems open-minded. philadelphia will be the pope's last stop on his u.s. tour. >> the giants finally get a win. >> special teams had an outstanding day. in the first quarter, jennings gets to handle the ball bouncing to the end zone for safety, giants of 2-0. the i think on the cake, in my manning dropping back and virus a rock, gets the grab at the end
5:45 am
zone, 32-21. they keep getting closer to that magic number, it was 5 when they took on the reds last night. >> game is tied at 3 apiece, daniel murphy nails one to deep right and curtis granderson will turn on the burner and score from first base and their egos. cincinnati 654, the national loss, the magic number to clinch the division, the yankees back home making a push to get into the playoffs, bottom of the third against the white house talks, as beltran rips a line drive over the left-field wall, eighteenth homer of the year, three runs scored, top of the seventh chicago threatening with bases loaded get out of the inning, yanks hold on to win 3-2 over the white sox. kerry: we check mike woods for a check of the forecast. ben: we were talking before the show, hard to believe october
5:46 am
>> reporter: i know, right toward halloween and today's three months until christmas. the heat is on. some folks are done, forget about it, about three months. do you what is going on. temperatures this morning 66 degrees, high clouds around the tristate region, basically the weather features and change we have today, winds from the northeast at eight m.p.h. is what we have this morning, let's check regional temperatures, the northeast, bangor, maine, 37 in burlington, syracuse 56 degrees, 65 in philly, temperatures not that bad, we have some changes in terms of sky coverage, clear skies for that last couple days, high temperatures in the low 80s, today the high clouds in the area and there will be enough of that to filter out the sun and keep high temperatures
5:47 am
not getting the rain we need but this is locked up and over southeastern states with this area of low pressure keeping north carolina very wet into virginia but not making it to us here. of that ridge of high pressure were not so strong we would have showers coming this way but that is not the case of lease not immediately, 75 today was mostly sunny skies, high clouds we have today and tomorrow, 72 tomorrow and sunday, best our chance monday and even that is not a guarantee. we need the rain but still a 30% chance. ines: the commute this morning, street cleaning rules are suspended, meters remain in effect, the commuter problems, an accident investigation going on, this is by exit 4 by pennsylvania and new jersey border, east down west bound all lanes closed, reopened the west bound side but you have these down there, that investigation
5:48 am
going on, your commute as far as that goes at 9 and doing good, expressway no problems with the verrazzano bridge, let's go to our cameras and the how things are moving on the long island expressway, this is over by queens boulevard, that accident blocking two lanes clear ways a traffic moving again george washington bridge if you're driving to the city from new jersey no delays right now upper and lower level looks good, 495 towards the lincoln tunnel and holland tunnels taking the trains everything on or close to schedule. kerry: 5:52 lot more still ahead. >> donald approves, anna gilligan tells us what it is. baby!| mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want
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ben: time for entertainment news. anna: this time, expecting her third baby and enlisted the help of her first two adorable children to break the news. >> baby 3. >> he posted this video to her face book page showing her 4-year-old and 2-year-old helping to make the announcement
5:52 am
showing her using a lollipop as a form of bribery. donald trump posted this footer message saying he is so happy about the announcement. linen the album has a guest role on the season premiere of the simpson this weekend and could be wreaking havoc on homer and mark's marriage. the girls are posted this picture on her instagram page showing her in bed with homer. we know marge and homer separate for a time reading, quote, i have the tremendous horrendous for joel of waking up next 2 homers this sunday on the simpsons. the young pharmacist who initially helps treat narcolepsy, things go elsewhere. that is on fox 5. catch it sometimes, it is always so good. >> very great at handling pop culture. and current events, funny.
5:53 am
anna: rob lowe and fred savage teaming up for the new comedy called the grinder. that is at 8:30 on fox and fans can get sketched into the show, talking the court room sketch. go to herald square this saturday from 10:00 to 7:00, this is what my schedule looks like, they incorporated me and did a very good job. for more information on the event go to information is on the entertainment section. ben: that show looks pretty good as well. anna: kanye west says he is serious about running for president in 2020. last month during the video awards he declared his candidacy, seems like a joy, his wife was laughing. he also admitted to, quote, rolling of little something before the announcement but in an interview with vanity fair he says he will be in the club and look around, i have five years before i run for office in the lot of research and growing up i
5:54 am
have to do. >> he is almost 40.
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